Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is based on the following beliefs:

Health is more than managing disease  but is a state of complete mental, physical & social wellbeing.

Our bodies are our autobiographies and tell the story of our everyday lifestyle choices.

Open minded, critical appraisal of the scientific evidence behind any healing intervention (western medicine, complementary medicine), wellness strategy (lifestyle medicine, culinary medicine) or biohack.

Healthcare providers & patients work together to co-create a lifestyle prescription.

Healthcare providers are also working on their own lifestyle prescription.

Dr C Merry PhD

This mentorship is hosted by a practising infectious diseases physician (not a randomer on social media 😖).

Dr Ceppie Merry MB FRCPI MSc PhD has a Masters Degree in HIV Medicine from University College London & a PhD in HIV pharmacology.

She did a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago & has completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Integrative Medicine blends the best of western medicine with lifestyle, culinary and complementary medicine.

She has lived & practised medicine in three continents.

Learn best practices in lifestyle, culinary & complementary medicine for the novel coronavirus & understand how to tailor these strategies to the three different clinical phases - prevention, acute infection & recovery


Integrative Medicine & Covid-19

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Lifestyle Medicine Course

There are dual pandemics: coronavirus & soul sickness where people in lockdown are reviewing their lives & planning to upgrade to version 2.0 once they emerge from lockdown. This lifestyle medicine course helps people design & step into that new reality


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Online Integrative Medicine Summer Elective

For medical students who cannot do electives due to coronavirus restriction.


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